Readings: Week One

Vannevar Bush’s “As We May Think” was pretty damn interesting, and bucked the trend of boring home readings established by just about every class in my loooong college career.

I found myself playing spot the technology with his essay. He’d make a prediction for how an scientific issue could be solved, and I’d find the product that eventually solved it. He essentially outlined search engines, Wikipedia, microfiche, polaroid cameras, the mouse, desktop computers, robotics, and cookies (trend finding digital cookies, not macaroons.) Not bad Bush. He certainly has a much greater grasp on where technology was headed than anyone I’ve heard in the modern era. I guess rapid advances make it harder to predict.

Engelbart’s 139 page monstrosity, I don’t know if you could call it interesting, but no scientific journal ever is. I read the introduction, and the background concerning Bush’s essay. I thought it was neat how Bush outlined what Engelbart would later create, and that Engelbart recognized how influential he was.


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