Three Reasons Why Delicious Will Not Go Mainstream

Number One:  The Name

It’s confusing and vaguely sexual.  Delicious is a great name for a recipe database or a transvestite craigslist hooker, but it doesn’t exactly scream social bookmarking, or help to explain the concept.  And techies’ tendency to spell it certainly doesn’t help.

Number Two:  It’s Being Buried in Jargon

As I read through the assigned articles today, I couldn’t get away from buzzwords like metadata or Web2.0.  I could post pages on my hatred for these meaningless words (and probably will some day), but for now I’ll just say this.  When I hear those words, I turn off.  I stop listening, and start to think negative things about the producer of those words.

Other, less cynical people turn off too, because they don’t understand what metadata is or what makes Web2.0 different from the internet that they’ve been using for years.  But metadata is really just data, and Web2.0 is Amazon, Ebay, myspace, and facebook and every other site you’ve been using for years.  If you can post, vote, or make a list; if it’s even vaguely interactive, then it’s Web 2.0.

These words make simple concepts sound foreign, and as long as Delicious supporters use them in their sermon, they’ll have a hard time getting converts.

Number Three:  There’s No Pictures

What really draws people to myspace and facebook?  Is it the ability meet interesting people, or reconnect with long lost friends?  Is it the chance to express themselves through blog posts and internet poetry?  Is it because they really want to hear that 300th struggling band?

Nope, it’s the pictures stupid.  There’s a reason people always look better online.  I believe they enjoy going through hundreds of pictures of themselves, scrapping the bad, posting the good.  Trying to find that one that hides the double chin, and makes their boobs look big, or their manboobs look small.  That becomes their icon, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Then they can look at their friends’ pictures, and leave comments that their boobs do in fact look big.  This while voicing actual comments to their other friends that said boobs look way too big, and slutty.

Or they can post very embarrassing pictures of their friends looking very intoxicated, and nearly get those friends fired…for fun.

Either way, get pictures Delicious, then we’ll talk.


7 Responses to Three Reasons Why Delicious Will Not Go Mainstream

  1. rbrosmer says:

    I’m pretty sure I agree with you on every single point. I remember checking out Delicious, maybe a year or more ago, and just being turned off by how plain it was and figured I’d check it out again in awhile and they would have made improvements. Apparently not. I see it kind of as a still-born service.

  2. Allison Fiebert says:

    I think pictures might grab someone to this site over another tagging site but I don’t think you should think about this tool as a social site. I know we explained it as a social networking site but I think it is really a research tool. The reason for being social is different from site such as myspace or facebook. Being social on a site like delicious is not to connect to other individuals but instead to us there prior work to cut down on your own.

  3. Allison Fiebert says:

    Sorry for all the spelling an grammar errors. I was distracted while writing this and read over it and it barely makes sense!

  4. colicchio says:

    You have some valid points, delicious does sound like it might be a porn website… but look at how popular those things are! They’ve got to be getting a substantial amount of hits just from people who actually think it is a porn site.

    To the next point, I understand your frustration with people calling new web technologies Web 2.0. My brother in law and I talk about this a lot and it’s not so much the idea of Web 2.0, it’s just upsetting when people try to categorize it as something entirely different from traditional web applications. It’s all really the same crap, it’s just taking advantage of the social side of the internet. But we have to call that something… maybe Web 2.0 is just the wrong name. I tagged a youtube video on delicious that talks about more 2.0 frustrations.

    I agree with you on delicious’ gui, everyone likes eye candy. I’m also a fan of boobs.

  5. Jeff Nugent says:

    You seem to be making a criticism of delicious b/c it doesn’t have the functionality of facebook. Social bookmarking is perhaps indicative of a practice that is happening on social networking sites, but delicious never attempted to be anything like facebook. wondering if you could expand on your thoughts here a bit?

  6. Gary Longest says:

    That is an interesting take on Delicious.

    While it may not go mainstream, I think the basic concept of tagged, shared bookmarks may end up being implemented in something that will be mainstream.

  7. shadae says:

    I fully agree with you. It’s highly confusing and not very interesting like facebook or myspace. Which I believe are both social bookmarking and tagging sites. Unlike facebook or myspace Delicious is pretty bland like soup without flavor.

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