In response to the responses

Wow, I didn’t expect that much feedback.  Thanks to all who posted.

I’m not really criticizing Delicious for not having pictures or for not trying to be like myspace or facebook.  For pure utility, it wouldn’t really add much.  But pure utility isn’t what makes web sites go mainstream.  Usually, anyway.

I actually like Delicious and find it pretty useful.  I just don’t think that, as it is, its going to capture the hearts and minds of millions of casual users that are removed from the tech world:  the stay at home moms, the teenage girls, and the metrosexuals.

These are the people that made myspace and facebook blow up.  They don’t know about Digg, and they didn’t mess with Google until it became a verb.  If they end up tagging and bookmarking regularly (and they very well might, but they probably won’t call it that), it won’t be through Delicious, it will be through the next social networking site that implements those ideas.

Delicious works very well, and I’m glad that it won’t be gummed up by masses.


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