On Twitter

Here’s a few excerpts from the “New Media” article:

“The medium that best expresses the moment we are in politically is not Facebook, but Twitter.”

“Each Twitter can be no more than 140 characters.”

“Students today are going to invent the next journalism.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you journalism…. of the future.


(From NYTimez48 about 1 hour ago from web)

Wash.DC. Prz. Obma gave SOTU speech tdy.  Well rcvd.  Econ bad, fam vals good.  Oil up, bad.  Evry1 gets thru if wkng tgthr. GodBlssUSA

(From WashPost703 48 minutes ago from web)

Repubs rspnd 2 Prez Obma speech:  Ecnmy bad, diff. fam vals better.  Gays, bad; guns, good.  Obma, bad, bad econ his fault somehow.

(From NatReview 37 minutes ago from web)

Anyms source in wht.hs. rveals Prez Obma eat babies, kicks puppies.  OMFG!  He bad prez, elite, hate hate hate.  He’s no saint reagan.

(From LbrlDoucheblog 19 minutes ago from web)

Repubs stupid, racist, fat.  Palin = retard.

(From CNN less than 1 minute ago from web)

Another hurricane headed towards U.S….  Sweet!

(From LaTiMeS 48 seconds ago from web)

Shit yeah!  Big Dollaz!

(From RVATD804 30 seconds ago from web)

Feeding Frenzy!

(From NewOrleansTimes less than 5 seconds ago from web)



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